Pre-marketing and launch strategy
We specialise in formulation of pre-marketing and launch strategy:
Market assessment: drivers, attractiveness, opportunities and threats.
Candid assessment of product proposition based on external insights.
Identifying key issues, strategic challenges and risk.
Defining positioning and profiling options.
Developing strategic imperatives and key cross funtional strategies.
Strategy challenge
We provide external challenge to guide strategic planning and decisions through focused processes.
Team workshops to pressure-test, validate or re-construct plans.
Market research internationally to understand commercial insights which drive strategy development.
We have systems in place to identify and access highly targeted respondent samples in key markets.
Depth interviews with physicians and influencers are undertaken in-house with capabilities to offer local language (English, French, German, Italian).
Internet/Intranet surveys - reaching a broader target audience, we offer cost effective internet surveys compliant with data protection legislation. Studies include capabilities audits and physician and pharmacist market studies
A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
Winston Churchill
Global life cycle planning
Dynamic competitive markets require flexible responses for companies/products to be successful.
We deliver:
Commercial input into research and development.
Assessment of cross functional aligment.
Prioritisation of indications and resources for optimal return.
Scenario planning and risk assessment.



  Pre-marketing and launch strategy.
  Strategy challenge.
  Global life cycle planning.
Brand strategy
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