Tactical planning
We define activities aligned to strategic imperatives and vision ensuring an integrated cross funtional effort that delivers against organisations' goals.
We recommend pragmatic practical programmes based on our industry experience.
Metrics are assigned to track activities vs. plan.
Frameworks are developed to guide and monitor current performance and target future performance across the organisation (eg. Balanced score card).
  "A plan without action is a day dream. Action without a plan is a nightmare."
Japanese Proverb
Market conditioning
Market conditioning is a critical pre-launch activity for new players and new products. It is also important for existing brands in existing markets, particularly where new clinical data is being planned or presented.

As part of the execution of global brand strategy, our team is experienced in identifying, accessing and generating KOL interest and long term cooperation to create advocates.
Advisory boards - managing the entire process from defining the board objectives and output, identification of key influencers, event organisation and facilitation through to creation of enduring materials (eg. publications).
Qualitative market research - Our in-house capabilities include identifying and interviewing, often in local language (English, French, German, Italian), key clinicians and influencers in a defined market segment.
Recent surveys include positioning, message testing, TPP optimisation and clinical gaps identification.
Internet/Intranet surveys - reaching a broader target audience, we offer cost effective internet surveys that comply with data protection legislation. Studies include capabilities audits and physician and pharmacist market studies.
Networking - through our contacts and collaborators, additional activities can be offered (eg. funding plans, early access programmes, training, publication plans) on a specific project by project basis.



  Tactical planning
  Market conditioning
Operational planning
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